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NaviScan Release Notes
EIVA Software 2015

This is a list of all releases, including beta versions. All releases are born beta, and only an internal test and review can promote it to be an official release. Official releases are available from the download website at download.eiva.com. You can access this list to follow development of the project, only official releases are announced to the release mailing list.

2015-11-24 Version 9.0.2 - Yet to be released


New Features

2015-11-16 Version 9.0.1

  • XTF export fixes
  • Improved timehandling of SeaKing UDP port
  • Two altimeters (Tritec SCU3 and TSS 340) did not present data to graph views
  • Fixing broken XP compatibility

New Features
  • Ixsea Phins driver [Navigation, Gyro, Motion, Bathy]
  • Novatel ProPak6 driver [Navigation, GPS Time]
  • Applanix PosMv driver [GPS Time]
  • ITER BathySwath driver [Sidescan]
  • Norbit (Reson 7k 7027+7000) driver [Echosounder]
  • Orion cable exporters

2015-09-14 Version 9.0.0

New Features
  • Major update of naviscan setup format to support multiple sensors for all sensor types
  • Renishaw Dynascan (and Merlin)
  • 2G Robotics ULS500
  • CatHX
  • ITER BathySwath driver [Echosounder]
  • Imagenex DT360
  • Imagenex 831L Scanning Profiler
  • Edgetech 6205
  • Reson 7K Multi detect
  • Reson T-20
  • Tritech Gemini
  • Edgetech 6205
  • Klein 3500 (prepared in the software but required updated SDK from Klein)
  • Optimal Ranging cable tracker
  • Teledyne Reson Pipe detection
  • Timetagged sensor data from Reson T20
  • Vaisala barometer
  • Added realtime output of calculated depth (pressure to depth feed into INS)
  • EM3000 driver modified to handle TX/RX
  • Mesotech MS-1000 supporting full circle mode (inside tunnel operations)

  • Reson 7K buffer overload fixed
  • NaviScan data recording buttons changed so they use same behavior as NaviPac
  • Support of new DVR90 geoidal separation file
  • Realtime data to Online3D improved to handle start/stop logging
  • $PIXSE,HSATIT, decode problem fix
  • The CDL Tokimec Pitch value was decoded with the wrong sign
  • NaviScan potential crash when there were missing seabed
  • More flexible handling of NMEA ZDA timesync
  • others...

2015-02-24 Version 8.7.1


MS1000 Dual profiler added
Reson RRIO interface for existing pos,gyro and motion drivers added

Motionsensor "PHINS" HSATIT decode problem
Installer issue related to license file KPNT.dll and launch of NSConfig.exe from installer.
NaviPac EPSG now added to installer.
Simulator R2Sonic now with pipe on flat bottom

2014-10-27 Version 8.7.0


Now supporting 2 COM input surface soundvelocity channels

2014-09-08 Version 8.6.18


Using all beams from Reson 7027, including non detections, for fixed number of beams

2014-07-15 Version 8.6.17


OceanTools motion + gyro accepting data in alignment mode (M)

2014-06-27 Version 8.6.16


Odom MB1 final test and modifications

2014-06-20 Version 8.6.15


Odom MB1 using motion and gyro data from RTA unit

2014-05-21 Version 8.6.14


New $PRDID, RDI Gyro and Motion sensor added

2014-05-08 Version 8.6.13


New Vaisala barometer bathy sensor added

2014-03-28 Version 8.6.12


New American polyconic projection added to geodesy selection

2014-03-11 Version 8.6.11


Fixes Reson 7kcenter s7k-playback connection, enumeration problem fixed

2014-02-28 Version 8.6.10

NaviScan Extract

New extract of sbd files without sidescan, out of sbd files with sidescan, to reduce size when sidescan is not needed

Naviscan tritech scu 3 bathy driver using winson raw datagram: altimeter interpretation was 10 times to small, now fixed to give 10 times more altitude

2014-02-24 Version 8.6.9


Odom mb1 ranges changed from 2way to 1way

2014-02-07 Version 8.6.8


Seabat7kpipedetect logging with multibeam packets setup via nsconfig Global settings mbe/ss seabat7kpipedetect logging
Extract will export5.pt pipedtect both from pipetracker (one head) and from multibeam (all heads) logged seabat7kpipedetect

2014-02-06 Version 8.6.7


New features in Extract
Added resonpipedetect export from extract, as 5.pt file

2014-02-04 Version 8.6.6


Improvements of GPSTide to include dyndraft and speedcorrection
Various global settings variables updated

2014-01-24 Version 8.6.5

NaviScan Target
Important update as the fix solves a potential dangerous bug where user, system and files can be deleted accidentally.

In previous versions of NaviScan Target, when creating a new target database in a directory already containing a target database and other files, all files were deleted. During this operation a warning was issued informing the user that all database files was about to be deleted, but infact all files within the selected folder was deleted.
This fix ensure that only target database specific files are deleted. Note: Best practice is to make a dedicated folder for each target database created.

2014-01-10 Version 8.6.4


New features
Added 3 GPSTide bathysensors: NP,GGA,PosMv

Problem with phins motion interp of multiple appended telegrams fix
Problems with mbe beam with zero range fix
Marked reson snippet 7008 obsolete

2013-12-04 Version 8.6.2

NaviScan Target

New features
Target export of geo referenced tiff and png form the Target Manager.
For better overview the display of target properties has been reorganized within the Target Manager.

Position of target was previously not compensated for heading when the target position was updated during target processing.

NaviScan SonarDisplay

New features
Option for user defined target prefix. One for each channel supported, i.e. LF and HF.
Versioning and improved error handling of the index files generated when doing playback.

Scan times are now consistent with local time, equivalent to NaviEdit, track display in NaviModel etc.
Crash logs fixed.

2013-10-30 Version 8.6.1


EM2040/710 single+dual sidescan driver problem fixed

2013-10-24 Version 8.6.0


New features
EM2040/710 single+dual mbe+ss drivers added
Wassp3250 mbe+ss drivers added

NaviScan SonarDisplay

New features
Option for auto reload of last loaded project by cheking the Auto Reload from the File main menu.

Various crash logs have been fixed.

2013-09-25 Version 8.5.6


Online new drivers
New Tritech Gemini mbe framed serial data drivers added

2013-09-12 Version 8.5.5


NsConfig not starting problem fixed

2013-08-13 Version 8.5.3


Online new drivers
New ValeportSVX2 bathy driver added
New Tritech Gemini mbe sonar driver added
New Seabat7kPipeDetect pipetracker driver added (FP4 feature)

RovinsPos fixing problem: interp finding wrong 'E' by distortion of appended Rovins telegrams

2013-06-07 Version 8.5.2


Version Dialog
New vesion dialog on all programs

Datumshift setup/interp not working with NADCON fixed

Ns Dataproc
Omitting use of (potentially blocking) messagebox'es for portreleated errormessages, using tracelog instead.

Ns datafeed to SonarDisplay
SonarDisplay setup packet fix

NS Online mbe wait for pos packet
Mbe will stay on input queue until matching pos packet is received, for better online DTM positioning, when setting global parameter/naviscan/WaitForPos

NSConfig Geodesy
Use NaviPac runlinectrl geodesy marks local geodesy to be secondary fall back

NaviScan SonarDisplay
NaviScan SonarDisplay and NaviScan Target have been integrated with the NaviScan Installer. Hence, the SonarDisplay installation files are now located in the NaviScan\bin folder.
Hence, SonarDisplay documentation is now located in the NaviScan.chm and NaviScan.pdf documentation files.

Reson (Seabird)
CTDSS aux sensor modified to Reson (seabird) format

New features
Target export now support the wp2 format.

Default Target Database is now persisted and shown in the Directory browser dialog during Create and Attach of target databases.
Default location for the SBDParser.exe used for indexing sbd files is NaviScan\bin\SBDParser.exe.

2013-05-08 Version 8.5.1

NaviScan SonarDisplay Version 1.0.4 RC

New features

Playback - SBDParser.exe has been updated. Comply to NaviScan 8.5.2 and later.
Playback - Support of sonars not providing incremential scan numbers. Default scan numbers starting from 1 are assingd during sbd file indexing for each file being indexed.

Ocassionally crash of RawScan view.

2013-05-01 Version 8.5.1

SVMon not getting linestop fixed


International Terrestial Reference Frame datumshift added

UTC time to seabat 8K
Error fix

Online MBE filter
Depth rel transducer m/cm error fixed

New Imagenex872Sidescan added.

Reson7004 anglepacket
Reson7004 anglepacket now logged every time received, naviscan is no longer reducing for identical packet, due to potential problems on fileshift, this gives bigger data files, consider using the new rawrange7027 format instead, with less size.

Reson FP3 sidescan fix
Reson 7503 packet received in different order on new reson FP3 update, demanding a fix in ns to show sidescan.

RDI pd6 driver
Teledyne RDI PD6 format driver accepting data less restrictive (on first 3 fields ok)

StnAtlas.ini file new placement in Db folder, errors fixed

Depth and alphanumeric views
Pressure data was not shown error fixed

Naviscan will always log its geodesy settings first in each sbd file, together with eventual geodesypackets from navipac.
Navipac online geodesy packets can be applied online and saved in geodesy.ini whenever received, if setup in nsconfig
Meridian convergence will always be derived from ns geodesy, and ns geodesy will be appled online at gps geographical position packets.

Playback is now showing all position sequences.
Playback will use the latests geodesypacket in a sbdfile to setup the playback geodesy, if none found it will use nsconfig setup geodesy.

SonarDisplay now getting setup packet, and getting correct soundvel from echosounder

Input Monitor misplacement
Input monitor misplacement of alarm ligths when using big font fixed


Bathy useCTD dialog flag not saved correct fixed.
Faster loading Add Sensor select dialog.
Navipac exp. pos and navipac pos are now enhanced to offering to take time from packet.
Geodesy settings will always be shown, these settings will be logged in the sbd files.
Geodesy folder missing fixed
Geodesy cannot be deleted, and can update manually to navipac geodesy setup, and can and be setup to online update by navipac runline control

XYZ Converter

Geodesy (projection, ellipsoid and datumshift) in sbd files will be found during a preparse, and latest geodesy used as basis for meridian convergence and for eventual geographic positions convertion. If no geodesy is found in a sbd file the internal nsconfig geodesy is used.
This fixes problem with export of geographic data.

2013-04-13 Version 8.5.0

NaviScan SonarDisplay version

New features
Support for NaviScan instrument setup packages added.
GUI updated with new property grids.

Position issues related to target selection and processing.

2012-12-12 Version 8.5.0

All Ns suite now build in visual studio VS2010


NsSetup replaced with NSConfig
New configuration program is replacing NsSetup, with same style as NPConfig, NsSetup i not to used anymore

New placement of setup file configuration files
Naviscan.bin setup file and StnAtlas.ini file must now be placed in a new naviscan\Db folder instead of naviscan\bin folder. Geodesy.ini and .cf files are placed locally in a new naviscan\Setup folder instead of windows\db folder. New Log folder for debug trace files are created and used instead of bin folder. these folders are created and filled and users files are moved automatically by installer. New tool menu in online and config folder with start of nssuite utility programs.


PhinsRovins format
Position, gyro and motion drivers added

Motion sensor
OceantToolsRPH format18 extended to handle format12

Ixsea SComex gyro/motion sensor exteded with error message listing in alarm view

Heave shown positive up
Now heave display in naviscan follow navipac sign convention by being shown positive heave as positive up, logging is unchanged

DTM View
Now this is able to change background color

Bathy View
Singlebeam altimeter show abs value now dependent of use online bathy checkbox

Naviscan able to start without all sensors producing input
Old obsoleted HD Dtm tranfer format removed
Flag 'Only send Dtm when logging' did not work for some versions, now fixed.

SvMon startup crash fixed